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24th April 2014

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Although killing this little girl is currently legal and therefore not technically murder, the act of ripping her apart as she is sucked through a vacuum tube is definitely homicide.

1. The killing of one person by another.

Stand against human abortion. Stand for Life.


Although killing this little girl is currently legal and therefore not technically murder, the act of ripping her apart as she is sucked through a vacuum tube is definitely homicide.



1. The killing of one person by another.

Stand against human abortion. Stand for Life.

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24th April 2014

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feeling down? have a bacon.

*cradles you like a newborn infant while you have a bacon*

24th April 2014

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candidcadences asked: The long one, naturally. Unless it's too personal.



Good. The short one is lacking richness.

A [long] response to: How did I go from being an agnostic to a Christian?

In the beginning, there was a boy… Ok- I’ll not be sacrilegious. Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always had an innate understanding-one not based on reason or facts, but one of inward knowing (I recognize the weakness of this fact and that’s purely anecdotal) that there was, without question A God. As a kid I knew there was one, but I had no idea who He was or what He was like. Even as a kid the concept of mutliple gods didn’t make sense (although at that time I couldn’t pinpoint why) and I grew up with a relatively open attitude about God. [I recognize that this could be offensive to polytheists and I apologize for that, but know that no offense is intended]

However as I grew older, I became much more skeptical of all faiths and although my belief in some God existed, I came to adopt an animosity to the Christian God more than any other as I witnessed hypocrisy, homophobia, hate, superiority, snobbiness, comtempt, anti-intellectualism, and in general a very great tendency for Christians to not have reasons for their faith (other than blind faith). 

Before I continue, I want to point out (because its very important) that I did not grow up in a Christian home/family and nor did I attend church. Moreover, I came to mostly adopt the view of my father (who I love, but now disagree with) that all Christians are hate-filled, hypocritical and nonsensical people who used the power and fear of their religion to scare people into believing. All religion, but especially Christianity, was an attempt to scare people using the threat of hell to control the day to day actions of people and to feed the selfish desires of the church authorities. To say the least, my view of Christianity was… unfriendly. More than anything however, I knew that Christianity had God all wrong, and that it was a false religion.

Carrying these thoughts with me into high school, my feelings of resentment and disgust reached an all-time high during these four years. I was an ugly and volatile person. Hating Christians and Christianity alike I made it my goal to destroy faith wherever I went. Using all my knowledge of science, philosophy and history, I publicly argued with people. I argued people into submission, and it was not uncommon for me to literally create a hand-written list of why they were a moron to believe, sign it, date it, and hand it back to them. Especially if they were Christian. This was me.

Despite my ugliness I managed to fall in love my sophomore year, and I fell hard. We dated for two and a half years, and towards the end of our relationship, engagement was on my mind (and hers) and I nearly bought the ring. For reasons I won’t get into here, we broke up about two months after graduation. Our relationship was regularly sexual, but very loyal. When our relationship ended, I soon became deeply suicidal. 

I left Arizona to visit California but then decided I wanted to move there. Still deep in my depression I spent a month in California looking for a job but couldn’t get one. My ex girlfriend had been my entire world and I would have honestly done anything for her- and I did: worked two jobs, took care of my family because my home was permeated with drug use, was in four bands and two choir groups, and spent all my free time with her- just to make her know that I loved her. (I’m sure there are many grammatical errors here. Oh well) This will be significant later.

The depression became too much, and I decided that my reason for living was out of my life forever. I had no purpose and no desire to live. I climbed onto the patio edge of my aunt’s apartment and prepared myself to jump. Just before climbing up I had an angry and desperate conversation with my ex and the whole time, about two miles away was a giant illuminated cross on a mountain. I stared at that cross throughout the entire phone call. After she hung up, I got up on the ledge and decided I was going to jump; I was going to dive head first-ensuring I would die. 

Then just as I was going to jump I became overwhelmed with fear and this really foggy memory of some random Christian telling me that if I died without knowing Jesus I would go to hell. Now, normally this doesn’t worry me, but then at that same moment I realized that everything I thought I knew about God, was completely made up! I constructed a God that made sense to me, picking and choosing from all religions, and felt satisfied that that was God. Then I thought, but what if the God I made up, isn’t the God that exists? What if (I angrily thought) the Christian God who I hated, was the real God? Then lastly I realized that the only things I knew about Christianity was the opinions of others, and really awful people who claimed to be Christian. These thoughts and realizations came all in about 5 seconds. 

I decided that if hell really was a real place, and if it took knowing Jesus to not go there, that I would at least look into Christianity before killing myself. I fully expected to find nothing but nonsense and contradiction. I had no idea how wrong I would be.

The next day I flewback to live with my dad (something that he proposed out of the blue) and to start college in Wisconsin. I took a semester off and then started in spring of 2010. I moved into the dorms, got an on-campus job and settled in. I took a random survey in the cafe in exchange for a bag of free goodies. The next day I received a call from a student org guy and told me that I had filled out a survey about my spiritual background and asked if I could meet with him (right now) to talk. I smiled and told him I’d be right down and got excited to school yet another idiot.

As expected he was a Christian from some group called Cru:an on campus Christian group. He threw all the usual stuff at me and I systematically debunked his statements. Never once getting angry or looking hurt, he just smiled and continued asking questions (this irked me). Finished with his questions he invited me to event after event. Root beer kegger party, bowling, church- no no no. Getting up to leave, he handed me a book (Case For Christ by Lee Strobel- PLEASE read this book. It helped me a lot) and then said, “Oh hey! Do you want to go to a bible study tonight?” Before I knew what I was doing, I immediately said, “Yes!”. I practically shouted it. Dumbfounded that I said that, I decided to go. The turning point.

I started reading the bible more and more in studies, but I remained extremely hostile and mocked everyone. Then I eventually (after saying no probably a dozen times) I went to the weekly Cru event where they have music and a speaker. The speaker was in town one of the three days he was in the state of Wisconsin. He spoke on the topic of idolatry- that is making anything other than God, God. A person or thing that you worship.

As I listened, I realized that my ex girlfriend was my idol. She was my God and I centered everything around her. Without her, I lost my God and my purpose. Halfway through I started crying even though I didn’t want to. I thanked the man for speaking, still crying, and left. 

I can’t give you a certain day or time that I became a believer but I can tell you it was a very slow process. I started reading the Bible for myself, I started asking people questions (lots of them) and I sought out answers for everything from science to philosophy to accuracy and trustworthiness of the Bible. There came a point in all my research (my very meticulous and critical research) where I realized that I had more reasons to believe than not. The message of the gospel was always beautiful, but I had way too many roadblocks to belive it. 

Now, I spend my time helping other devoted atheists and agnostics help see that Christianity isn’t nonsense and that they actually can trust the Bible. For sources on defending Christian faith, I reccommend the works of Dr. William Lane Craig ( or any of Lee Strobel’s published work. There are many many more sources but these are great places to start. I apologize for the length, and I hope that this satisfies your question.

So happy you didn’t jump that day (:

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23rd April 2014

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did anyone else think it was really weird and uncomfortable that kristoff had conversations with himself by impersonating his reindeer

Isn’t that what pets are for?

People who think this is weird probably don’t have pets.

^ Amen

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23rd April 2014

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Looking for word of encouragement?


Close this browser and open your bible. 

Why search for encouragement in blog posts when God’s love letter to you is waiting to be opened. 

23rd April 2014

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23rd April 2014

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22nd April 2014

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22nd April 2014

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A man with type-A blood got an incorrect transfusion 

it was a type-O

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22nd April 2014

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